QR codes are becoming one of the most sought-after technology advancements in the retail landscape. As a popular marketing tool, it is widely integrated by retail marketers as a technique to drive traffic to their website and increase engagement on their business’ store page. 

From driving traffic to business websites to promotional discounts within stores, there is a wide variety of uses of QR codes in the retail world as seen in the examples below. Our PPQR process can serve many purposes for retail brand owners, leveraging on the use of QR code to increase customer engagement and improve sales!

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

UT Collection by UNIQLO

Customers can find out more about UNIQLO’s latest UT Collections (UNIQLO T-Shirts) by scanning the informative QR codes on the display boards in stores. Each month, UNIQLO releases new UT topics featuring versatile graphic t-shirts, which allows customers to anticipate upcoming releases for the month.

Customers can access the following information through the UNIQLO website:

  • New arrivals for the month
  • Timeline of upcoming releases in the UT Collection
  • Discover exclusive insights through UT Magazine
  • Viewing of all collections

The PPQR process allows brand owners to develop a well-designed website  to make it eye-catching for consumers and capture their attention at first glance.

Love, Bonito Team

Love Bonito, a fashion brand and retailer, has demonstrated a different method of using QR codes to advertise. Love Bonito has carried out marketing efforts in hiring employees within the store environment to attract interested customers, and anyone interested in the job can scan the QR code on the display board.

  • Application for the job can be made on their website
  • Full description of the team and main responsibilities
  • Alternatively, candidates can send their resumé via email

With PPQR, the process of hiring is as seamless as scanning a QR code. A well-customised website will be able to successfully convey a brand’s character to encourage candidates to apply.

Stay Connected with MUJI

“MUJI Passport” is designed for members of MUJI to enjoy exclusive benefits, and users are required to download the free application on their mobile.

Features of the “MUJI Passport” app includes:

  • Receive latest news and information through in-app notifications
  • Product catalog on MUJI’s wide range of product selections
  • MUJI Mile – points accumulation system
  • Discount and promotion coupons
  • Store locator and check-in

Using PPQR, we remove the hassle of having to download the app, whilst providing all the benefits of the app with just a scan of a QR code for a more convenient shopping experience.

The PPQR process can help engage your audience, while giving a live dashboard of contest participation by location. All enabled through the ubiquitous QR code. 

Reach out to us to know more about how you can Supercharge your brand this festive season!