Advancement in tech has opened a myriad of opportunities in Marketing especially in digital marketing. In this 4th PPQR Newsletter, we look at how some alcohol brands have creatively used QR  to do digital advertising.

Such media branding allows your customers to be aware of your product, and engage with your brand on social media, which in turn creates more engagement.

Who says QR codes are boring? Here are some great ideas.

Ken Leong,

Creative Director


The famous whisky distiller, The Glenlivet, challenged marketing conventions on a mission to open up the single malt category to a whole new generation of drinkers.

For The Glenlivet Spectra, they launched a QR code based bespoke digital experience, which took their loyal customers and budding whisky drinkers on an multi-sensory journey.

Customers buying the 3-bottle pack of The Glenlivet Spectra, were encouraged to scan a QR code, which

  • Gave you cryptic hints about their new collection
  • Challenged you to taste each of the 3 whiskies
  • Identify the flavours & its strength unique to each bottle
  • Gave a personalised scorecard, telling users how close they were to decoding each of the three mysterious single malts.

The Glenlivet later released the full tasting notes and cask experience, which enabled drinkers to fully uncover the expertly crafted tasting notes contained within The Glenlivet Spectra.


SingleCut is a New York City crafted beer, inspired by rock ‘n’ roll. In 2019, they debuted their first Japan beer, BIG IN JAPAN IPA – the first Spotify enabled beer.

Each label had:

  • A QR code, designed as a name “Name that tune” game
  • Clues on the label, for songs that were ‘literally’ made in Japan
  • Consumers were challenged to decode the clues
  • Scanning the codes took Japanese consumers to the actual tracks on Spotify, revealing the answer to the game
  • For North America, the Instagram clues revealed where customers could buy the beer

BIG IN JAPAN IPA was completely sold out within weeks of release. This campaign was so successful that it was featured on the Forbes’s list of Fresh Consumer Innovation. 


An Irish Cider brand, Magners, rolled out an interesting digital advertising campaign for lock-down weary UK residents.

​Partnering with Handpicked Cottages, the promotion offered 20 luxury weekend staycations, and thousands of other home improvement prizes.

​To participate, customers had to:

  • Purchase the qualifying product cider multi-packs
  • Scan the QR code
  • Enter their details
  • Find out instantly if they won, and what they have won

This way of digital advertising marketing strategy not only excited the winner, but also had the effect of the winner telling his other friends & family to buy and try their luck. This snowball effect led to a very successful campaign for Magners.