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CSR is a big topic among many companies and customers expect companies to address some social and environmental issues. Sustainable CSR initiatives can increase employee retention and commitment to the company.

Why Corporate SUSTAINABLE Responsibility (CSR)?

Charitable donations that relieve social problems are responsible, but they are not sustainable if they do not resolve underlying issues. It is important to focus on sustainability, inclusive practices and think long term, instead of doing harm and compensating the community. Forward thinking companies have shown that they can do well and do good. There are significant business risks when businesses don’t pay attention to their ethical responsibilities. With more choices available, companies should care about CSR, simply because — their customers do.

How do you be effective in CSR?

Communication is key — externally to customers, vendors and other stakeholder, and internally to management and employees as well. Poor internal communication about CSR can lead to important individuals and departments may not understand how the program impacts their organizational functions, and, as a result, they may take no action to effectively support CSR program goals.

For effective CSR, it is important to foster employee buy-in and commitment as well as the management. The leader’s involvement, or lack of involvement, has a trickle-down effect. Ideally, a CEO or other high-level executive will serve as the face of the company’s CSR initiatives.

At Visibility CSR, our solution is easy to follow and we can achieve impact.

How Visibility CSR can help

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Engage employees and stakeholders to crowdsource sustainable solutions and take ownership

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Transform your brand to align with social and environmental management system.

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Create internal and external communications, PR campaigns to communicate CSR solutions to various departments and externally to vendors, customers and stakeholders.

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If you don't know measure the right result, you cannot get to real impact. Measuring actions done and impact created is 2 different thing.

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Once you have created your CSR program, measure impact, you can adjust and get to greater impact. Changes are continual, and your CSR program should adjust to new challenges faced.

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