Gift-With-Purchase Series that makes a set, can it be done?

Gift-with-purchase is a common sales tactic used by brands to entice buyers to purchase their products. Generally, the gift is exclusive and limited, offered only during the promotion for a limited period or “while stocks last.” This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity of the special offer, while instilling ‘fear-of-missing-out’ or also known as FOMO.

Product Bundles

Bundles are product offer to entice customers for sales. Gift with purchase is a very common strategy to get customers to buy the products. There are also some common seasonal gifts which are given out, like giving out Ang Pow during Chinese New Year. At the beginning of the school year, companies also give out stationery to get moms to buy for their children. A hot beverage company may give away mugs with bundle purchases to sell more.