In today’s fast-paced digital world, availability of information online can easily influence a customer’s purchase decision. From online recipes to reviews of customers, to the health benefits a product offers, everything is available online.

QR codes allow brand owners to provide customers easy access to curated digital information about the product/service, as seen by the samples below. Our PPQR can deliver product information, and so much more, as a means to greater customer engagement leading to higher sales!

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

Lower Cholesterol with Benecol

VITAPLUS Benecol® Products contain a plant-based ingredient proven to lower cholesterol, which is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. 

The QR code directs users to Benecol’s website to find out more information about the yogurt drink.

  • Read up about the plant-based ingredient that helps lower cholesterol
  • Discover a range of products that the brand carries

PPQR can further share ingredients in the product to help consumers make more informed decisions about their purchases.

Gulab Jamun Parfait Recipe

The influence of recipes is powerful. Research shows that digital recipes are 19% more likely to inspire a shopper to try out new products. Gulab Jamun is a beloved Indian dessert, and this festive season, consumers can make their own Gulab Jamun Parfait. Scanning the QR code shows the simple recipe.

PPQR is an informative QR code that offers brands a way to share recipes to shoppers in an appealing and enticing manner, and provide simple and delicious ways to create a dish with just one product.

Chef Eric Teo’s First Choice

Celebrity Chef Eric Teo is well-known in Singapore for his culinary skills.

Consumers can scan Eric Teo’s specially curated recipes to explore a variety of dishes to try out when purchasing Golden Chef’s products, ranging from pastes to sauces.

Recipes often entice consumers to try products they have never purchased before.

With PPQR, shoppers have immediate access to curated recipes with a scan of a QR code, and so much more!

Yabukita BlendGreen Tea Bags

Reviews can positively influence consumers to make purchases with a brand or product. 

Consumers can scan the QR code, which allows:

  • Reading online reviews to find out if the product is worth buying and trying.
  • Leave their own review online about the product

Besides expanding your brand’s reach, reviews also increase the credibility and show social proof of your product.

With PPQR, this process can be simply done through the scan of a QR code, directing users to leave a review, or contact the brand for further enquiries.

The PPQR process can help engage your audience, while giving a live dashboard of contest participation by location. All enabled through the ubiquitous QR code. 

Reach out to us to know more about how you can Supercharge your brand this festive season!