Welcome to the 3rd PPQR Newsletter. These days, participating in lucky draws and unlocking gift vouchers is so much simpler, thanks to the prevalence of QR codes. With a tab or two on your phone screen, you will be able to immerse yourself in visual-rich digital journeys to product information, discounts, offers and more. 

Many businesses – local and abroad – are already effectively using QR codes. We have picked out a few interesting ones that have successfully leveraged on this technology to grow their customer base and improve their sales. Read on to find out.  

Ken Leong,

Creative Director


Ontario-based Sparkplug Coffee, a premium reseller of quality coffee beans, delivers fresh roasted beans, delivers fresh roasted beans to customers worldwide. But without a physical store, it was a daunting task for Sparkplug Coffee to reach out to the global audience. 

To tackle this, Sparkplug Coffee decided to integrate the QR code with a 3-month free coffee subscription campaign:

  • The QR code is affixed at multiple customer touch-points such as on social media, encouraging the customers to scan the code
  • Once the QR code is scanned, the customers will need to enter their email address before completing the free subscription process
  • The growing email list became an expanding customer base for Sparkplug Coffee to do its marketing outreach, allowing the coffee-seller to gain improved overseas traction


New-age food chain Wok-Hey, is one of the F&B establishments that revolutionised the way customers order and collect their takeaways. Purely based on a no-dine-in concept, each of the Quick Service Wok-Hey stalls utilises a store-unique QR code that allows the customer to:

  • Select their meals
  • Opt for toppings
  • Pay through a payment gateway
  • Receive an Order ID for easy identification of the order during food collection


Butter Bean, a creative concept by BreadTalk Group, seeks to attract a younger audience.

Apart from offering fresh mixes of toasts with a contemporary twist of the “Nanyang” flavour, Butter Bean utilises an ‘Order & Pay’ contactless system that empowers the customers to scan a QR code to:

  • Browse the menu online
  • Pay through a payment gateway
  • Wait comfortably at their tables to pick-up their meals


Yeo’s #NDP2021 celebrated Singapore national day with surprises. With 3 kinds of surprises, it engaged all Singaporeans in different ways.

Scanning the QR code on any Yeo’s drinks, allowed you to see:

  • A countdown digital clock to create FOMO on the opening page
  • Scroll down to a list of Facebook share and encourage fellow Singaporean videos
  • Support our Local Hawker programme, leads to information to buy food in hawker and get a free Yeo’s drinks
  • Scrolling further shows the contest prizes
  • Surprises of social media interaction with AR filter and celebrities

Yeo utilised media branding to increase engagement with their consumers through interaction on social media platforms.