Outdoor media uses large visual displays with bold graphics to capture the attention of passers-by. Such ways of marketing include bus-shelter ads, billboards and many more.  Over the years, marketing agencies and design consultants  have integrated QR codes into outdoor media to provide better audience engagement. 

We demonstrate how the PPQR innovative advertising process helps add a digital touch to these plain, lifeless billboards, while allowing marketers to track their ROI results!

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

Road To Kindness with SKM

The Singapore Kindness Movement aims to encourage the public on a road to kindness with more awareness. The organisation’s movement efforts can be found around different MRT stations, where advertisements are placed on the doors of the MRT. 

Scanning the QR code brings users on a interactive adventure:

  • Viewers are introduced to a interactive social marketing video where they can make choices for the main character
  • Find out the different outcomes of each decision
  • Discover how the smallest act of kindness can make a difference

Apart from increasing a brand’s reach, the use of PPQR can also raise and spread awareness of a movement to build a stronger brand identity. This form of QR branding is the future of advertising.

Guinness’ Flavour By Fire

Remember how the 7th Newsletter showed that promotions induces purchases from a consumer? Guinness has demonstrated the use of QR codes in outdoor media, as seen by the digital boards located at bus stops.

Various promotions that users can access by scanning the QR code includes:

  • Get a $5 voucher by signing up with Guinness 
  • Receive a free gift with a minimum purchase at different supermarkets and e-commerce stores
  • Exclusive Guinness-infused recipes 

The PPQR process keeps track of analytics in real-time to help brand owners make informed decisions about their marketing efforts, and also understand how effective their advertisements are.

Catch Up On Sleep with Olly Supplements

The key takeaway of outdoor media as a marketing campaign is visibility. Bus stop advertising offers an optimal platform for brands and organisations to reach out to a larger group of audience as they can look through the ads while waiting.

Olly has incorporated the use of QR code in its packaging design to provide more product information:

  • Different supplements products
  • Deeper information on products, including price
  • Allows direct purchase from website

PPQR makes information easily accessible to consumers who are interested to know more about a product. Throughout the consumer decision journey, from discovering a product to the point of purchase, PPQR does it all!

Empowering Lives with President’s Challenge

Outdoor media plays the perfect role in triggering a call-to-action. By integrating the use of QR codes, President’s Challenge has taken steps to encourage public members to make a difference by joining the community outreach and fund-raising campaign with the help of digital advertising.

Users can empower dreams through digital inclusivity by scanning the QR code:

  • Donate to benefitting organisations
  • Take part in the President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive
  • Pledging to advocate for inclusive employment

Adding the PPQR process to outdoor advertising can essentially increase action taken by a consumer after viewing the advertisement, which leads to higher ROI and overall engagement!

The PPQR process can help engage your audience, while giving a live dashboard of contest participation by location. All enabled through the ubiquitous QR code. 

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