Author: Visibility Design

Designed to Sell — How Visual Merchandising benefits your business.

Visual merchandising draws on concepts of consumer psychology and works to enhance your customers’ enjoyment. Making layout and product placement more visually pleasing could encourage consumers to buy more, return frequently, and spread the word about what you offer.

Solving Problems with Tech (CSR)

The COVID-19 crisis has affected many different businesses and our lives may never be the same for a long time. Some businesses have failed, many lost their jobs. For F&B outlets, social distancing rules reduce seating capacities and enforce strict guidelines. Although there are subsidies and solutions provided by the government in the form of grants, the process for applying such grants is not so simple.

We are still in a crisis, but why did the support to frontline workers end?

In a post COVID-19 world, many things have changed. The reshuffle and new normal caused a lot of new problems and a lot of uncertainties. Many people are out of jobs and the market does not look good. There are many who face financial hardships and obviously some winners and some losers in the community.